Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Giant Baby Steps

Hey, Owen.

You had a big day yesterday. After 3.5 months of not being too sure what those things are that keep randomly hitting you in the forehead and scratching your plump little cheeks, you just realized that they're actually attached to the end of your arms and it turns out they're quite useful once you get the hang of them.

In one head-spinning day, you had 4 little accomplishments...

1. You have this little blue Fisher Price chair that vibrates and rocks. It has this loop attachment with dangling hard plastic, rattle-y bits that we sometimes hang in front of you. As of bed time last night, you mostly looked terrified whenever the loop hovered ominously over you -- especially when we pulled the tail on the one dangly, prompting it to emit one of those vaguely familiar, mechanical ear-worm songs that seem so popular on kids' toys. I stuck you in the chair this morning, scary loop dutifully installed over you while I tried to buy some time to make breakfast. With my back turned, the musical dangly bit suddenly came to life. After initially thinking it was a fluke, I realized you were batting away at all the dangly bits (perhaps in a fit of defiant retribution). Holy crap! You're deliberately using your hands! Apparently the concept of "cause and effect" is still lost on you though, because every so often when you batted a dangly away from you it would promptly swing back and smack you in the head, much to your dismay.

2. While feeding you, I briefly rested your bottle on your chest while I fiddled distractedly with the laptop (I often listen to learn-to-speak French podcasts while I'm feeding you. Not sure how much you are absorbing --  your first words may be en Francais). Apparently you are starting to understand the power of these "hands" on the end of your arms, because much to my surprise you suddenly had them around the bottle and were pulling it towards your face. I tried to resist but you're a strong little bugger. Once you start doing this with my beer I'll be worried.

3.  Your mom was playing with you in her lap while she laid on her back when she noticed you sort-of nodding your head forward and doing a little crunch with your belly. With just a little bit of support on your wrists you sat fully upright on your own for the first time. I guess now you can start doing core workouts with me because all those folds on your belly aren't going to impress the other toddlers at the pool.

4. Finally, and on a related note, your mom sat you in your "Bumbo" this evening and you sat up and supported your own head for the first time. You were definitely working hard as you struggled to keep your noodle up as it jiggled around like a bobble-head doll, but no additional support needed!

It's head spinning how fast you're developing. The good news is that in a few weeks we'll be able to cut down on clothing bills because you'll be borrowing my clothes. Plus, you won't be getting carded at the beer store so you can keep the fridge stocked.

Good work, Turtle. We're proud of you.

Now, about your sleep schedule...

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  1. I love this Ian....I ruined my breakfast I was so caught up in reading about Owen's adventures. I was also brought to tears twice, knowing what anguish you and Liz must be feeling over his first tumble and the new sleeping method. I wish with all my heart that I lived closer so I could dry some tears (anyones!) once in awhile. xoxo